Cheshire Homes India, Mumbai (CHM) acheter codeine france cheap Aristocort

Over the years, CHM has grown and evolved into a comprehensive need based services provider through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programme for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities in the city of Mumbai including distant suburbs. The need based services include providing as well as facilitating special education, inclusive education, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. As part of need based services and interventions CHM provides/facilitates provision of assistive devices/aids and appliances, corrective surgeries, vocational training, employment assistance. Advocacy and awareness creation is an integral part of Cheshire Home’s work that has a direct bearing on the rights of persons with disabilities. Cheshire Home works closely with the public, policy makers, government establishments and other NGOs with the aim to address cross-sectional issues that impact the well being and ensure rights of persons with disabilities.